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Yoga teacher and sophrologist


Céline's project is a global health project for all, including well-being.

Her approach focuses on the body. Everything happens through the body, which is full of messages if you know how to listen to it. Our health requires us to take care of it on an ongoing basis, both preventively and correctively when a threshold is exceeded. The good news is that you can always change something, whatever your age or condition. And Céline is determined to help bring about a real transformation. The body is a whole, an inseparable unit in which all the components (head, heart, energy, physical body) need to be aligned for lasting good health.

Céline will guide you towards a postural readjustment, a sharper and deeper awareness of yourself and a physical, energetic and emotional unlocking.

Classes are open to all levels and can be adapted to meet specific needs.

Techniques can be combined or practised independently depending on the situation, desire or need.

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