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State certified sports instructor


Fabrice has been an outdoor sports professional since 1984, training at the Centre National de Plein Air in Vallon Pont d'Arc, Ardèche (France), where he qualified as a rock-climbing and caving instructor, mountain leader and sports instructor.
He took part in numerous expeditions abroad, climbing CERRO TORRE (Chilean Patagonia) in 83. Ascent of NOSE in Yosemite in 86;
Kayak expeditions: Chile, Costa Rica, Portugal.
Fabrice equips numerous climbing routes in the south of France. His life is nature and sport. His ambition: to share his passions, help people discover nature everywhere and raise public awareness of its protection.
"Every day, as I walk on its surface, I thank the earth for its beauty and diversity. Using a rope, a kayak, a cave light or ice crampons only allows me to push my curiosity a little further."
Fabrice discovered Crete some fifteen years ago, and there's everything to discover there: climbing as far as the eye can see, caves on every mountain range, friendly people, a rare freedom.

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